You will get what I call basic tools and learn to pinpoint and release unnecessary tension. Your tone and your violin technique will improve greatly with this knowledge behind you. We will also  discover there are only 3 major problems in Violin and Viola playing. These 3 major problems are interrelated to all areas of violin playing. There are also 3 major curative and effective solutions!

This is the starting point of my FREEDOM TO PLAY online programm we will always refer back to.

  • Specific exercises and thought processes
  • establishing the rhythmic pulse in the whole body
  • Preparing body and mind to play by incorporating the system of miming without the instrument.
  • Working from inside out and the difference between the inner ear which is always a step ahead and listening back to oneself. Your  musical imagination is enhanced  and you really become the master of  your instrument.
  • Counterbalance instead of counterpressure, knowledge of the fundamental balances necessary for free movement.
  • The violin hold and the concept of the “no violin hold”.
  • The bow hold and the concept of the “no bow hold”.
  • The rhythmic gestures supporting the “2 hinges“ of the bow arm are able to take care of all aspects of bowing technique. 
  • The “drama of the intervals” with an elastic, free and creative left hand, natural vibrato, clear articulation and intonation and a beautiful, very personal tone.
  • special reference and 
  • Complete physical coordination. 
  • The well developed “inner ear”.
  • The idea of “giving to an audience“, which becomes so internalized that there is simply no time to get nervous.

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