“CAROLINE DUFFNER studied the New Approach to Violin Playing with me for many years. She is extremly gifted and became an excellent teacher and performer. She is my representative teacher in Austria and has given masterclasses throughout Europe with much success. She has a deep understanding of my New Approach to teaching and I have every confidence in her continuing to uphold my legacy for a new generation of violinists to come.”

Kató Havas

“CAROLINE DUFFNER has a beautiful and convincing way to teach and has a good pedagogic basis for the Kató Havas method. She has been invited by ESTA-Italy for her renowned professional experience. Numerous teachers and students have taken part in her courses, continuing to be interested in her brilliant way of teaching.”

Satu Jalas

Violin professor, Granddaughter of Jean Sibelius

“I have known CAROLINE DUFFNER for many years as an extremely active violin teacher and very committed representative of the Kató Havas New Approach method. Thanks to her training at the Vienna Academy of Music and her extensive activities in a wide variety of Viennese musical formations, she can justifiably be called a representative of the Viennese tradition of interpretation. In addition, she continued her education in numerous European countries, which greatly expanded her artistic and pedagogical horizons. For many years she has been regarded as a prominent representative of the Kató Havas method and has been able to propagate it internationally in many master classes, workshops and lectures. The ESTA (European String Teacher Association), as the professional organisation of string teachers in Europe, is one of the preferred platforms for the propagation of her pedagogical-didactic teachings. Students of the mdw – University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna always take part in these presentations with great interest and excellent results.”

o.Univ.-Prof. Wolfgang Klos

President of ESTA-Austria

“As the director of the Vienna Music Academy, I would like to recommend Ms. DUFFNER. She is an excellent violinist who comes from Vienna and spreads the Viennese musical tradition worldwide as a violinist and teacher. She has already proven her excellent technique and musicality, as well as her experience in several orchestras, also as concertmaster, on several occasions. She has a lot of teaching experience for different levels (beginners to advanced). All students were fully satisfied with her teaching. Many of Mrs. DUFFNER’S students have received very good jobs or have made world careers.”

Boris Perrenoud

Director Wiener Musikakademie


Lessons with Caroline are fantastic. She explains technical instructions very well and most importantly they are very helpful! I most definitely look forward to more lessons in the future.

Maria, Violin Teacher, Australia

I first contacted Caroline to ask advice on a specific concern regarding my violin hold and I was amazed how effectively and quickly I was assisted. Her knowledge, intuition and sensitivity towards student’s individuality, together with her warm personality and lovely sense of humor, make her classes both very helpful and enjoyable. I feel that her lessons have helped me develop both my performing and teaching skills and I will certainly continue to discover her interesting approach to violin playing and teaching!

Ivy, Violin Performer, Latvia

I had problems with my bowing technique and got the idea to consult Caroline Duffner in Vienna. Knowing that Caroline is an expert of the New Approach of Kato Havas I was in good faith to get a good result. I took a Six Lesson Course and resolved my problems. In particular, now I am able to play with the whole bow, from frog to tip, with a sustained singing tone and my difficulties I had with bow control in the upper half of the bow are completly resolved. As regards my string crossings I feel much more secure and in balance. Resolving these technical issues has really helped me perform in public and teach my own students with much greater ease and assurance. It has really changed my life as a musician for the better.

Roberto, Violin Professor, Italy

When I came to Caroline – I had pain in my little fourth Finger, and I already sensed that there was too much tension in the way I was playing the violin. I was impressed when Caroline showed my how to use/take advantage of balance to decrease tension – It worked so well for me and joyfully improved my playing. No pain in my little finger since then.

Ramona, Student of my 12 Lesson Course