1 hour lesson

Getting to know each other and analyzing what we will need to work on.

12 lesson course

 If we are a “good fit” you can  move on to a 12 lesson course which takes place in 2 hour units, 12 lesson course. Duration: 2 weeks.

Apply for a 1:1 mentorship

Requirements: real commitment

  • The 12 lesson course will be our basis to go from
  • Minimum duration 6 months, weekly 2 hour units
  • Deepening and applying the Freedom to play tools
  • Applying the knowledge you gained  to repertoire and performing
  • Taking a big step towards the goals we established.

I work with committed Professionals, Amateurs, Students and young Players.


I was very fortunate to have studied violin performance at the Vienna Music Academy with great teachers. I continued my studies in England with the late Kató Havas who became my mentor. Under her guidance I was able to release unnecessary tension in my own playing and perform with confidence and joy.This is where I understood the importance of mentorship. It’s a great honor  to continue working with my mentees in much the same way.  

Over the years I continued  to develop all I had learned from her, and put it all into a highly organized online programm FREEDOM TO PLAY.

Modern technology has enabled me to teach players living  long distances to work with me online  on a 1:1 mentorship basis with amazing results.

You will learn how to tap into what I call “ease” or” flow” in your  playing.

I will give you concrete solutions to eliminate any tension or stage fright you may be experiencing. I will  stand behind you throughout our journey of discovery, to enable you to absolutely reach the goals we have both decided upon. Flexibility is the key, and my programme will be constantly adjusted to meet your needs. We will always work together  in a very enjoyable and relaxed atmosphere. I find it  so rewarding  to see my mentees (and former mentees) literally take on wings and  become artists and musical communicators in their own right, not just players.


Having worked abroad for long periods of time I picked up Italian and Spanish as well as speaking German and English, something that proves very useful now when I give INTERNATIONAL MASTERCLASSES in Latvia, England, Italy, Switzerland and Austria with great success.

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